The Kid Strays


The Kid Strays. He wandered to the edge of town as the first light was just coming up beyond the ridge. Starlings trembled in a slush of leaves by the roadside. Far behind him now a cradle of love swayed almost imperceptibly in a bower of deep deep green. The morning star hung from a rusty nail. His lover awoke, but he was not there. Her lovely brown eyes, her skin as smooth as riverstones. She reached an arm out, but he was not there to receive it. He met the hunters later on a dusty spit of land, as the noonday demon was sharpening his implements. He tried to marshal his thoughts into some order, but he was bewildered by the hunters and their talk of blood. Their faces were hard and inscrutable and their clothes smelled of woodsmoke. A column of crows rose in the distance like black leaves. He turned his thoughts to love and faith and diligence, but they were becoming half-ideas now, disappearing like vapour. The hunters gathered in a knot on the road with their guns steepling their shoulders. They turned off the road and began to walk north across the meadowgrass, toward the edge of the wood. One of them turned back to him, smiled like a conspirator and called for him to come. His heart felt like a fist of cold ash in his chest. Eddies of dust swirled around his shoes. He thought of rivulets of blood moving across young flesh and heard his lover scream. He closed his eyes and took a step forward. And then another.

Original text by BD Harrington.


LES INROCKS Du Canada, Harrington a d’ailleurs rapporté un joli virus, qui rend l’air triste mais la mélodie riche, qui ralentit le pouls mais pas l’imagination : on appelle ça le Leonard Cohen, et sur Deerslayers ou All the Roses, il fait des ravages.

AdécouvrirAbsolument. Le voyage que je vous propose ne se résume pas, il se déguste, il s’apprivoise et en définitive vous grandira. Grand disque.

PopNews. BD Harrington parvient à construire un disque qui lui appartient tout à fait, certes d’accès assez difficile, mais qui saura flatter votre persévérance, s’il élit domicile dans votre platine.

MagicBox. BD Harrington est une sacrée belle découverte de Travelling music qui nous avait déjà offert notamment Andrew Sweeny. Le disque est difficile d’accès mais mérite de faire un détour vers le crépuscule pour y trouver quelques étoiles encore vivantes.

SEFRONIA. Le Canadien BD Harrington écrit des chansons intimes, sur des arrangements pensés avec soin et parcimonie, qui sentent les rues mouillées après la pluie (…) une interprétation toute en retenue qui est portée par un song-writing impeccable, évocateur et habité (…)